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How to promote an event at your workplace?

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With deadlines to meet and bosses to answer to, employees forget the definition of fun and engagement. Despite being physically present in the office, they feel disconnected from the atmosphere due to the weight they carry on their backs. Events help relieve employees from their daily dose of stress. We at iKeva know this better than anyone and so, we organize events that bring the people in our workspaces together and gives them an outlet for their stress.

A company that has fun together, stays together. It’s easier said than done, with work to be finished and clients to be attended to. It becomes tiring for employees and by the end of the day, there’s no energy left to go out and have fun.

  1. Fun, out of the box ideas: YouTube is filled with videos full of ideas to engage with employees at work places. Give employees something new to look forward to like activities and events that trigger eagerness and curiosity are bound to see huge participation. A simple dice throwing competition or a creative balloon-popping game will be well received. Revive games from childhood like Antakshari are also a great way to make the workspace fun and attract attention.
  1. Spread the word: The best way to promote an event is to let people know there’s something going on. Add an attractive message, pair it with an interesting visual and voila, you’ll have people pouring in. Spread the word through e-mails, drop hints, post it on Facebook and any other social media platform you’re on to generate and raise interest!
  1. Group events: There’s nothing that says fun like a group event. Let people from your area know, include people from other workspaces and invite your friends, family and everyone else! The more people know about an event, the more they talk about it, especially if they can invite others!
  1. Keep the spark alive: The emails have been sent, hints have been dropped and people are interested. The next step is to remind people. Not too much though; you don’t want to seem pushy. Send people a small follow-up or, if you know them well enough, ask them in person if they’re coming for the event you’ve organized. Once you know if they’re coming, a small reminder or two can work wonders!