Success stories of companies at iKeva

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It feels nice when you become a part of someone’s success. iKeva has a similar feeling when its clients grow and find success in their journey. With presence in three cities, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, iKeva as a firm, was established to provide companies a platform, where they could grow both internally and externally. After all these years, we believe that we have managed to do.

Here are stories of few of iKeva clients, who after being associated with us found success in their approach.

Pranav Shah, Investment Associate, Impact Investment Exchange India

Pranav Shah, who works with a Singapore based company called Impact Investment Exchange, found an apt location for his team of three at iKeva. iKeva provided him with a permanent address and professional set up where his team could interact with the clients visiting him. The setup also allowed him to shift to a larger facility as and when his team grew.

Leeladhar, Founder, Happy Minds Manpower solutions

iKeva took care of Happy Minds Manpower Solutions in terms of infrastructure and team management. A company which began with two employees has grown to nine. iKeva helped him and his team focus solely on their business, while taking care of the other aspects of his business. We also took care of perspective people formed when they looked at the company. This has helped the company acquire good business deals.

Pawan Bhusari, Co-founder and CEO, Abiogenesis Clinpharm

iKeva provided Abiogenesis Clinpharm with a setup and location to go ahead with its business plans. The offer by iKeva well for the company which wanted its requirements adjusted as per the variation in its number of employees.

Md. Rafi – Central head, Nabler

iKeva provided Nabler with all the required facilities when they wanted to expand their operations in Hyderabad. iKeva took all the care of the needs and requirements of Md Rafi and his team.

We still yet to hear a lot more stories of victory, content and excitement that inspire us to create better workplaces everywhere, every day.





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