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Five Reasons Flexible workspaces are the best

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The meaning of the word ‘flexible’ working lies in the word itself. Flexible working translates into organization of work conditions in such a way that it suits the convenience of employees. We, at, iKeva know the importance of work friendly policies, and thus provide our clients with all options available ranging from sharing workspace to establishing virtual office.

A concept slowly catching up, work flexibility allows employees to maintain work-life balance and also contribute towards the productivity of the company. More and more companies are adapting to the work friendly work style due to a lot of reasons:

  • A satisfied employee is a happy employee: Flexible working allows employees to schedule their work and personal life according to the demands of time. This allows them to strike a balance between both. A satisfied and content employee proves to be more productive for the company than a complaining and brooding man.
  • Cost control: When compared to traditional employees, those working in flexible environments have more faith in their companies. Chances of them preferring flexibility over more money are huge. This helps the company in managing the staff, having little trouble with the recruitment process.
  • No geographical constraints: Working flexibility allows companies to hire people from any part of the world, without actually requiring them to come there. This expands their reach to the best talents in the market, without compromising on their work quality.
  • Marching on all the time: Sudden loss in power supply or refusal of internet to work can stall a whole range of work at workplace. Flexible working saves the company and the employees from such erratic problems. Employees can work from home or whichever place convenient to them.
  • Contributing towards a greener world: Traditional work hours and conditions demand disciplined attendance of employees at office. This requires them to commute to work in vehicles that are contributing to global warming. Allowing employees to work from home saves the company from becoming a part of the several reasons causing major damage to mother earth. Like this, the company wouldn’t just emerge as a life-friendly workspace but also an environment friendly office.