Coworking spaces have become one of the most trending words nowadays. It is estimated that there are about 20,000 coworking spaces across the world. According to Allwork.Space the number of co-working spaces are projected to increase to 40,000 by 2024. Most surprisingly, there are over 3 million coworkers worldwide.

Co-working spaces in Hyderabad offer a lot more benefits to the coworkers compared to traditional offices. Coworking space has become the best alternative for work from home and office working places. Coworking spaces provide more amenities than traditional offices.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, remote worker, or running an enterprise, co-working space is the best option for you. Coworking spaces is also known as shared office spaces which bring together numerous freelancers, professionals and business owners. It is a great way to explore people with multiple talents and skills.

In recent times, Hyderabad is booming with startups, ventures, and IT sectors. According to the Economy of Hyderabad 2020, about six lakh IT employees are working merely in Hyderabad in over 1500 companies. This is the reason co-working spaces have become one of the most trending workplaces in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad- The best city for shared working spaces

With the increasing number of startups and small businesses in Hyderabad, the place is best to meet people of different skill sets. One of the major reasons people opt for shared workspaces is to meet and engage with the most influential people.

In Hyderabad, the infrastructure provides peaceful working surroundings with a bunch of amenities including Wi-Fi, printers, beverages, conference halls, snacks, private offices, office suites, and many more.

Is coworking space necessary? 


Coworking spaces are the best option for freelancers and those who are working from home. One of the biggest challenges with the work from home culture is the distraction created by life at home. People tend to distract easily from their work due to the home environment whereas coworking spaces are specially designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Network with influential and multi-talented people

Want to start a venture or run a start-up? But where? Do you choose a home or traditional office working place?

Well, if you are confused about choosing the best working environment, then a shared working space is the best choice. Get a distraction-free workplace and get a chance to meet different people under a single roof.

For people who would like to start entrepreneurial ventures, shared working spaces are best to meet people from various organization types, organization levels and industries.

Multiple amenities at an affordable price

Coworking spaces have come up with several charming conveniences including lunchtime yoga classes, cafes, nap zones, ping pong tables, and special events for refreshment.

Do you think you engage in these super appealing activities even at your traditional offices or work from home? No. Isn’t it. Apart from this, coworking spaces even ensure 24/7 wifi connection, printers, kitchen facilities, etc.

The best part of these coworking places is that you get everything at an affordable price. However, these amenities vary from location to location. A few coworking spaces offer all the above-mentioned services. While a few might not offer all the luxuries. So, you have to choose the right place for you based on your requirements and budget.

Better privacy and security than traditional working spaces 

Security and privacy are the most important concerns for any business. Several enterprises and small ventures invest a huge amount of money in these two primary aspects. However, you get 100% privacy and security without spending a single penny from your pockets at coworking spaces.

These are the few benefits that you get from the coworking spaces. Hyderabad is the best locality to choose for coworking spaces due to its immense commercialism and booming entrepreneurial ventures. While you have a lot of options for coworking spaces in Hyderabad, choosing a workspace provider like iKeva will ensure that you not only receive all the necessary amenities to grow your business, but also a community that you can thrive in.


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