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How Does Virtual Office Solutions Helps to Stimulate the Growth of a Business

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Thanks to the internet, everything in this world is changing.  Everything has been revolutionised in a way that man could not have imagined it a century, or even half a decade ago. Now, the internet is an inseparable entity from the human race. Although, wilfully embraced by most of us, there are still those who are disinclined towards the ‘online’ mode and want to stick to the conventional way of life. Among both the lots, one that has an upper hand is certainly those who have adapted to working, meeting and connecting virtually.  

The world of business and commerce has been catalysed and promoted by the boom of internet usage. The businesses with a virtual address are now more popular, reliable and have a farther reach rather than those with just a physical address. Virtual office is a business solution where a firm doesn’t actually have a fixed location to work, but rather the collaboration happens virtually. It provides all office-related services like telephone service, fax service, business address and mail handling at a trivial charge. But that is not the only reason why corporates must think of choosing virtual offices. Other few reasons are enumerated as follows:

Cost effectiveness: Virtual office is ideal for a business, because it scales down the capital expenditures in the form of rent/lease, furnishings, utilities, maintenance and equipment. Instead, it enables the channelling of resources into more profitable assets. It dilutes capital investment and blows up the business profit.

Flexibility: Another trump card that a digital office offers is fluidity of both timing and space. The employees have an added advantage of work-life balance. They can swap their time slot according to one’s own convenience. And is ideal for those who want to work remotely. Hence, it also reduces overall absenteeism. Commuting these days is a troublesome affair. Cutting down the commute dedicates more time to important work. This remarkably increases worker’s contentment and sequentially furthers the interest of your business. Only when the workers of a firm are dedicated in true sense, does a business actually flourish. 

Productivity: Ikeva’s virtual office solution provides loads of features to assist you and manage every itsy-bitsy element of your business. This authorizes you to focus on the business exclusively and withdraw from irrelevant affairs that are taken care of. It shoots up the efficiency of your employees because it eliminates the drama of being chained to the desk daily with a set of people. It also provides a concrete base to judge your employee’s progress. So, failure or surpassing of the targets and goals becomes evident, giving instant feedback for the performance of one and all.

Enhancement of brand image :Having a substantial address and corporate mailing facility refines your corporate identity, demonstrates professionalism and makes your venture more approachable. We provide Office addresses at prime business hubs in the city in addition to call, mail and courier management. This creates a positive impression on your clients because it conceals the BTS and projects a sophisticated and credible vision. All in all, it amplifies your business’ prestige. The more your customers trust your brand, the more they approach you. 

Easy establishment and expansion: Another perk of choosing a virtual office for your business is uncomplicated functioning. Your entire business is manageable on a single-click software. Everything right from phone calls to mails is automated. Ikeva provides a solution wherein a call is received by a well-trained receptionist, and is forwarded to appropriate respondent. We also provide personalized voicemail support. Thence, virtual offices make setting up, expanding or shutting down businesses easy-breezy.

 Curtails insecurity: All legal formalities and statutory registrations are looked after by Ikeva. Additionally, cyber security, encryption of data files and software updates are tackled by us. Wherefore, choosing a virtual office reduces the risk of operating your business single handedly. Having said that, selecting a virtual office doesn’t mean that you may suffer the loss of momentous features provided by the customary physical workspace because iKeva provides complimentary access to meeting rooms and complimentary access desk at coworking space. 

Whether you are a start-up or a conglomerate, whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, choosing a virtual office solution is the best strategy to give your business a boost. All the trivial pitfalls of physical offices can become the stumbling block and halt your business from flourishing. Visit iKeva today for a virtual office solution that best suits you.