5 Myths about Coworking Space – Busted!

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Let’s discover the dynamic world of coworking spaces, where collaboration and creativity go hand in hand. However, several myths regarding shared office space environments have gained traction as their popularity grows. In this article, we dispel five widespread myths about plug-and-play office spaces. Prepare to debunk some common myths about fully furnished office spaces, from being only freelancers’ playgrounds to hindering the productivity of professionals.

Explore the dynamic reality of office spaces for rent, where varied professionals from diverse industry verticals come together to create, interact, and prosper in a collaborative atmosphere and learn the truth behind the myths. 

Common Myths about Coworking Spaces

Myth 1: Coworking Spaces are Distractive & Noisy

Business centres could be lively and vibrant workspaces indeed. For those who need a totally quiet place to concentrate and work, there are options available at serviced offices. You can work from a private office, call undisturbed from a phone booth, and have uninterrupted meetings in AV-equipped conference rooms. Standard features to mitigate noise concerns include design customizations like gypsum boards acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles. In general, the members regard the privacy and space of other members and do not disturb them. So, it may be said that custom-designed managed office spaces are collaborative but not noisy or distractive at all.

Myth 2: Coworking Office Spaces are Limited to Freelancers and Startups

Contrary to popular belief, managed office spaces are open to companies of all sizes looking for a more structured and professional work environment. They are not just for gig workers and independent contractors. In addition to being collaborative places for professionals from diverse backgrounds such as programmers, attorneys, photographers, and NGOs, customized managed office spaces are being used by well-funded startups, unicorns, offshore companies, SMEs and MNCs.

The appeal of coworking spaces lies in their proximity to prestigious IT or business hubs, fostering an environment conducive to productivity. Shared office spaces attract diverse professionals seeking a professional, collaborative and well-equipped workspace by offering best-in-class amenities such as 24×7 power backup, IT support, door access control, and high-speed internet.

Myth 3: Coworking Spaces Lack Privacy and Security

Many people believe that since there are a lot of companies and professionals working from the same coworking space, there is a need for more privacy and security. This may have been so in the past, but with the growing popularity of custom-designed managed office spaces, many business centres offer secure storage options, phone booths, ideation rooms, privacy pods, manager’s cabins, conference rooms with acoustic wall panels, and other spaces for people who require seclusion. Furthermore, you can have door access control, 24×7 security and surveillance, security guards, a separate lounge area, a private pantry, and more such customized options designed to safeguard the privacy of the members. 

Myth 4: Coworking Spaces are not Professional

In India, a prevailing perception suggests that coworking spaces lack professionalism due to their association with informality and a relaxed environment. This false impression frequently gives rise to the notion that these locations are unsuitable for official business meetings. 

Coworking spaces indeed have a vibrant and engaged community. Coworking spaces frequently organize interactive and networking events. However, it’s essential to understand that customized office spaces provide an innovative and dynamic environment that fosters teamwork and personal development. Most custom-designed managed offices include all the amenities one would expect from a regular office environment if not more. 

Myth 5: Coworking is Only a Trend

A common belief is that coworking spaces in India are just a fad that will eventually expire. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that coworking spaces have established themselves in the professional environment, even though trends come and go. The coworking space has grown significantly in the last several years, indicative of the growing number of people choosing these flexible workspaces over traditional offices. These business centres provide a flexible and affordable option for those looking for a professional setting free from the burden of rigid long-term leases. With a coworking space, you can easily opt for a business address in a thriving neighbourhood, world-class amenities, and affordable choices. The future of workspaces is expected to be shaped by the continued agility of coworking spaces.


In summary, debunking the five common misunderstandings about coworking spaces unveils a vibrant and productive environment that surpasses perceptions. Today, coworking spaces dispel these misconceptions by providing customized, adaptable solutions for individuals and companies. iKeva is a reputed workspace provider with community and member benefits that distinguishes itself as a custom-designed managed office space provider that puts the specific business needs of the members first. So that you can get collaborative workspaces, stimulate innovation, remove distractions, and nurture productivity and efficiency. Make a move to explore the full potential of managed offices by dropping by for a guided tour of our centres in Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Mumbai.