If you have a hybrid model of team working out of a flexible workspace, then completing your business tasks while minimising staff burnout may appear a challenging task. However, by using the tips given here for your custom-designed managed office space, you may significantly amp up the productivity of your flexi office. As a company, you would want the overall well-being of your team. However, you cannot just order them, “Be more productive! Be more productive!” That’s not how it works! Instead, focus on workplace efficiency and watch your team’s productivity skyrocket.

The most important aspect is to pay substantial attention to both human resources and infrastructure. Many studies have reported that the office space’s work environment has a big impact on overall well-being and efficiency of the team. Your team’s efficiency will suffer if they sit on hard chairs at uncomfortable workstations in cluttered, dirty, and chilly (or hot) conditions.

That is why it is critical to create an aesthetic, functional, safe and clean working environment for your staff. They will be happier and healthier, which will increase office efficiency and productivity significantly.


Here are the top 5 strategies to transform your managed office space into a centre of innovation and productivity:

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellness has become a major issue in recent years, and it relates to your team members’ physical and emotional well. Particular to the workspaces, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene regularly, having breakout zone or lounge area where the employees can relax or take refreshing breaks, rearranging the office space according to the changing needs of your team, flexibility of upscaling or downsizing the space as per requirement, hassle-free accommodation of flexible office shift timings, and providing convenience and comfort to the employees at all times contributes to the overall well-being of the team.

Other than this, providing nutritious food options in the workplace cafeteria, and encouraging your employees to prioritise their well-being all contribute to a healthy and happy workforce, which may enhance employee productivity significantly.


Having a vibrant and engaged community makes a lot of difference towards boosting the morale of the company. Interactive speaker sessions, informative workshops, celebrating festivals or special occasions together, or even something simple as playing TT with players of a different company, makes a lot of difference to the productivity level of your employees. This is critical for maintaining a good team bond, even for those who work remotely. Look at the events that iKeva organizes for enhancing collaboration amongst our valued members. These events help our members to take a quick break every now and then that is essential in increasing productivity levels and even helps the employees to achieve their desired outcomes.


Office furniture is a significant investment, and businesses recognise its importance in recruiting and maintaining the finest of the best. The design and style of office furniture have evolved as employees seek the finest in a workplace. In fact, this is why all iKeva’s managed office centers have ergonomic furniture that provide lumbar support.

According to a poll conducted by the AOA (American Osteopathic Association), 30% of office workers miss two or more hours of work every month due to discomfort. This has made it more vital for businesses to invest in ergonomically built workplace furniture.

Providing your staff with a comfortable seating arrangement and a structure that promotes efficiency encourages them to get more done in less time. Workforce fatigue diminishes, resulting in higher productivity in terms of both quality and quantity.

iKeva ensures that we relieve you of the burden of establishing a productive work environment. Our best space with facilities that complement your company’s particular aims brings out the best in your employees. We provide you agile flexible workspaces without compromising on your business needs or standards, allowing you to modernise or customise your office environment without jeopardising your business or financial goals.

Biophilic Design Concept 

Having potted plants at the offices invites the calmness of greenery in your managed office space. Be it plants dotting the lattice at the pantry or frosting of doors with design of leaves, or even spacious and well-lit office spaces, iKeva ensures that we add some thought to the design and layout, in collaboration with the clients.

If your employees focus and strain their eyes throughout the day, headaches are unavoidable. As much as it is a health risk, it is also damaging their productivity. According to a poll conducted by UK stationery behemoth Staples, 80% of office workers value decent lighting in the workplace. We understand that natural light influences both physical and mental energy levels. Thus, a good balance of natural and artificial lighting may improve your employees’ emotions and, as a result, their performance.


In an office space, the significance of having high speed Wi-Fi magnifies. Add to that, 24×7 power backup, IT support, and other IT-related areas such as security and surveillance, restricted access control, and visitor management systems. Apart from that, housekeeping and maintenance is not something you should be bothered by. Thankfully, in a customized managed office space, with a reliable workspace provider by your side, you won’t have to worry about these aspects at all.

Did you know that according to a recent poll, even though 80% of firms intend to reduce total spending, their IT budget will either remain the same or rise. This demonstrates how the quality of your resources is directly linked to the performance of your business. iKeva realizes that best-in-class amenities need regular maintenance and updation as well and goes the extra mile in ensuring the comfort of our valued members.


Let’s Summarize

Positive office space atmosphere influences how your team approaches challenges and develops solutions. It is one of the most important aspects influencing their efficacy. Thankfully, custom-designed managed offices in Hyderabad provided by iKeva help you in enhancing productivity even for flexible workspaces having hybrid team models. All our assets are hand-picked to meet your needs, and best-in-class amenities are placed to make your office space more efficient. Come, drop by for a tour and experience iKeva!

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