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“And you thought money works for free?”

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Just out of curiosity, I took an initiative of asking this question (refer: blog title!) to my friends. The foremost question in the minds of these individuals was “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” The implicit meaning of this statement being – “We work for money, not the other way!”  Although, in most cases, after a brief pause, they manage to ask me a counter question -“Why should money work for me? ” (other than the fact that I’ve gone nuts asking these questions !). The only consolation I got was a few favourable opinions of me from individuals having basic proficiency with managing wealth (either for themselves or for others). Although no offence to my friends who still keep thinking that I just landed from a different planet, I do understand the different schools of thought that exists between finance and non-finance professionals/individuals. My sincere assumption here would be, it may not really be as much a ‘differing school of thoughts’, but rather a ‘requirement of a bridge’ between these differing professionals/individuals. My session on ‘Wealth Management 101’ can be considered a foundation to build this bridge.

Now, for the people who are still wondering about my initial question, and/or do have answers, but feel it’s not baked enough, well, I invite them to the session on the management of wealth, and let’s target for a full-baked answer!

For people who do understand the need for money to work, my guess is majority would still be in dark as to what exactly would be the nature of work that money needs to do? To answer this, I invite them for this session so that we can explore the appropriate job that wealth needs to deployed to.

I also invite people, who are proficient in the field of wealth management, to attend this session and add value to other participants based on their experiences.

Below are few questions to help us set the basic foundation for the session –

  1. Why should ‘wealth’ work for me?
  2. How should I deploy ‘wealth’ to work for me?
  3. What is the (right) price I need to pay for the services rendered by ‘wealth’ for working?
  4. What are the benefits to individuals of deploying wealth to work?

Let’s meet on 16th Oct at iKeva Chennai.

Please note – Words ‘money’ and ‘wealth’ are used interchangeably in this article/blog.

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