How Are Big Teams Taking to Coworking spaces in Bangalore?

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This is unarguably true that the concept of coworking has gained immense popularity among the entrepreneurs and the established companies in Bangalore. The adoption of coworking space of late is undoubtedly spreading like wildfire. There are several companies even with big teams opting for coworking spaces in Bangalore as they are witnessing exponential growth by opting for the same. Also, with the boom in the ecosystem of Indian startup, it is not at all surprising that the demand for the coworking spaces in Bangalore is witnessing a steep increase in the present time. It is absolutely safe to mention that the spike in the demand is directly proportionate to the number of the startups that are getting launched in Bangalore.

One very common perception or notion that most of the individuals possess is that the coworking spaces are majorly apt for the small teams and the freelancers. While we have seen that the small teams are the early adopters of the coworking spaces in Bangalore but there are big companies and teams flocking to opt for the coworking spaces as well. There are several big companies which are preferring the coworking spaces in Bangalore over the traditional offices.

Why opt for coworking spaces in spite of having a big team?

The ease of infrastructure and the daily operations is one of the major advantages of a coworking space. This is the primary reason why the big teams are more and more flocking to opt for the coworking spaces in Bangalore in order to save the admin and infrastructure costs.

The users of the coworking spaces are subjected to receive all the right elements. The infrastructure is usually brilliant in the coworking spaces in Bangalore. The admin staffs are cooperative and the operations are seamless.

Pros and cons in case of the big teams who are operating from the coworking spaces


  • Brilliant infrastructure- The coworking spaces in Bangalore are usually known for the world-class infrastructure and facilities.
  • Networking– The right opportunity to network with the right community of people is a big advantage of operating from a coworking space.
  • Exchange of ideas– Access to diverse communities of entrepreneurs enable the entrepreneurs to discuss business and brainstorm on certain aspects.
  • Fetching help at critical situations– Opportunity of interacting with several other startups and also helping each other out at times of need is another advantage of a coworking space. You can approach for help at times when you are terribly struck due to some issue in the business.
  • Scaling the economies– The coworking spaces are equipped with plush infrastructure that gives access to well-equipped meeting and conference rooms, cafes, and chilling zones. The startups are usually at a nascent stage and are not able to afford all these facilities in a conventional office for a large team. So, the coworking spaces are thus the best option for such startups. Although several startups manage to get good funding and build a fairly big team of 30-40 people still they need to spend judiciously at every step in order to survive.
  • Events– The management of the shared offices in Bangalore are always proactive in organizing events that involve the industry experts to come and speak on the various useful topics ranging from the accounts, legal aspects and tips on pitching for funding.
  • Investors’ meet– The coworking space providers in Bangalore are always in lookout of organizing investors’ meet which is a great thing for the startup organizations.
  • Productivity enhances from Day 1– As all the basic requirements of the office are available in a coworking space, the productivity automatically increases from the Day 1 of the operations.
  • Talent acquisition is easier– When the startup teams start working from the coworking spaces in Bangalore, these spaces are filled with several like-minded people. So, it is easy to find the perfect talent while operating from a coworking space.


  • Utilizing the resources- There are several companies which operate from a coworking space. At times the meeting and the conference rooms are over-booked. Thus, the availability of such resources is scarce at times.
  • Employees’ poaching- There is a flipside of the interactions with people of other organizations in a coworking space. There is a possibility of the employees being poached in such an environment.
  • Identity issues- If a particular startup has a large team, it usually at times wants to have its own identity. This can be customized furniture or a separate internet lease line. Also, some startups want to put up their branding stuff in the coworking space. The issue is that even if a startup is paying more money to perform some customizations, it does not work out well because you as a member of the coworking space is treated socialistically.

What if you have the liberty of choosing between an own office space and a coworking space- which one should you prefer?

In conclusion to the above discussion, it can be pointed out that there are several benefits of a coworking space even with the startups with big teams but at the same time there are some potential risk factors associated with it as well. There are large companies like Snapdeal which have opted for coworking spaces even if they are able to afford their own office. This concept is gaining rapid momentum and it feels like that the trend is not going to fade out soon. So, if you own a startup and also have a fairly big team, try out the coworking spaces in Bangalore for best results.

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