Boost your business with a base in Mumbai!

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It’s not for nothing that Mumbai is called the commercial capital of India. Home to the biggest business in India — our very own Bollywood, the world of glitz and glamour— Mumbai is also the nerve centre of many a multinational and Indian company. Mumbai’s situational advantage of being a port city enhances its lucrative pull for several trading companies to set up shop in the city. From having the highest GDP in Asia to being the hub of all major financial institutions in the country, Mumbai has it all. As the wealthiest city in the country, with a flourishing economy, Mumbai has been ruling the roost since the last five decades.

Needless to say, Mumbai is ‘the’ place for any entrepreneur who dreams of making it big. The fact that it is the fourth most populous city in the world provides a huge impetus to any business venture in terms of a potential consumer market.  The film and tourism industries attract people from all over India, resulting in an assortment of several diverse cultures and communities. Most businesses that gross the highest today, made their mark by establishing a base in this city of dreams.

While most entrepreneurs start off small, each one aims to grow prosperous enough to set up his business base in Mumbai. And of course, with good reason—no matter which target segment the enterprise aims to please – whether rural or urban— Mumbai becomes the point of reckoning. Brand presence and brand visibility matters a great deal, and there is no better way to gain this than opting to mobilize your business and set up your office in Mumbai.

Yet, the very factors that make Mumbai so desirable make it expensive and out of a fledgling entrepreneur’s reach! Getting office space in Mumbai at reasonable prices, in an upmarket location that suits your needs is next to impossible. But iKeva’s newest workspace location is in Mumbai, right at the heart of the city’s financial centre – Phoenix Market City which is in Bandra Kurla Complex annexe makes it easily accessible, and well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. iKeva promises a great work and office experience for any entrepreneur, combined with affordability and convenience. Choosing to boost your enterprise from Mumbai was never this easy before. Let iKeva’s  turn out to co-working space be the boon for your business, and get visible on the circuit!