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5 facts that prove Introverts are fond of Co-working

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Coworking spaces are usually occupied by different kinds of professionals and introverts form a substantial portion of the occupants. The big question is whether a coworking space is suitable for the introverts. Here are some of the proven facts which prove that a coworking space is completely suitable for the introverts.

Fact 1: Introverts enjoy coworking  

Coworking is trending in the business world in the last decade but many people assume that it can turn out to be a nightmare for several introverts out there. The major agenda in any business is productivity but when it comes to a coworking space, people have assumed that coworking may prove to be counterproductive for the introverts. There are several debates related to coworking as a concept and if it is the right decision for the introverts to operate from these spaces. But it has been proven that coworking is the basis of fruitful collaboration and has proved to accelerate productivity and innovation. Though the introverts may be fond of the quiet environment, they still want to be a part of a community, meet awesome professionals, and also attend events.

Fact 2: Open office plans enthuses several introvert professionals

The open-plan office designs are gaining immense popularity. People have assumed that it is a problem for several introverts. After interviewing several introvert professionals operating from the coworking spaces, it has been found out that the digital & startup nomads who are introverts by nature are usually overwhelmed by the opportunities of social interaction in a coworking space as this adds a lot of value in their skill sets and productivity.

Fact 3: Coworking help introverts in maintaining their privacy while being

Many of us think that introverts do not understand the significance of collaboration but this is not the fact at all. The introverts, most of the time, value relevant business collaborations and enjoy them thoroughly. There are several studies that reveal that both extroverts and introverts experience higher job satisfaction when they are free to make their decisions with regards to when, where, or how they work. This is deemed to be essential for the introverts to maximize productivity. Moreover, there are several coworking spaces in India which provides both private as well as group workspaces. So, the introverts who do not feel comfortable in the group working spaces can opt for private workspaces and at the same time avail the opportunity of networking with like-minded professionals in the office.

Fact 4: Introverts may be more comfortable in co-working offices than in collaborative offices Coworking spaces are believed to offer the introverts the best of both the worlds. They have the freedom of working independently as well as work in teams with other professionals who belong to diverse backgrounds. Coworking space is a perfect platform that enables an introvert to maintain an optimum ratio of private & social time throughout a workday.

Fact 5: The coworking spaces are meeting ground for like-minded individuals

When people are left to themselves, it becomes a challenge for several introverts to initiate interactions with others easily.  When operating from coworking spaces, there are several people around working together so the efforts required for interacting with others are minimal and the privacy is also not threatened. Moreover, introvert professionals have chances of meeting like-minded individuals in a coworking space which is counted as one of the greatest advantages of a coworking space.

So, if you are an introvert and are on the verge of choosing a plug and play office, you may safely go ahead with a coworking office space to reap the multiple benefits attached to the same.

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