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5 Tips to Handle your Boss!

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As you get introduced to working, you also happen to realize if you end up with a good boss or a not-so-good-one. So, when it comes to the latter, there are some tips and tricks in order to get into his/her good books. You would have to manage your ‘manager’, and also be good at it. Let’s see how:

  1. Concentrate on your responsibilities: This is the foremost thing to look at. Especially when you’re having to deal with a difficult boss, it could get slightly discouraging and you could feel tempting to quit. Never do! That’ll only worsen your image in his eyes. Rather, set short term targets or goals and get going. Each step at a time. This will not only help keep your performance in a track, but also keep you stress free.
  2. Identify what’s expected: That late night phone call or the unsatisfying email from your boss warns you to think of your next smart move, which has to definitely meet your manager’s expectations. Should you be answering him ASAP or can it wait, without having to receive another frantic email? Not only would you need to understand what your boss thinks is urgent but also see to it that you’re ahead of his expectations. Remember, timeliness will always take you places.
  3. Know their pet peeves: You have some, and so does your boss! Does your boss hate getting a response after a certain hour? Are they bothered by the fact that you keep your doubts to yourself until the eleventh hour?
    No matter how odd his pet peeves may seem, you’ve got to get them. It’s always a smart thing to commit them to your memory and try your best to not irritate them with these little things that could be easily avoided. The happier your boss is with you, the better it gets for you!
  4. Work in the way your boss wants you to: You have to accommodate your boss. You may feel reluctant, but it’ll always be worth it. Catch on to your boss’s working style, directly or indirectly, he will appreciate it someday. If he is a fast paced person and like to get things sorted soon, incorporate the same onto your plate. Say they like to have a meeting to yield a list of action points, you could offer some snippets at the end of every meeting and take some well-deserved praise! You will get appritiation from your boss if you Build a lasting client relationship.
  5. Anticipate your manager’s needs: If your boss has you under scrutiny, try to smell what’s expected and get things done even before they’re asked for. If they are research-oriented person, do your homework well for your upcoming projects and it would sure impress them. Also, you’d also free them from the hassle of constantly being behind you to get the least of things done.

Remember, keeping an eye on these little things will take you places. Keep these tips and tricks in mind and see how the atmosphere changes at your workplace!

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