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How were Virtual office space Solutions Handy for the Startups During the Covid Crisis

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Startups are disruptive, exploring the small market with an intent to provide the best user experience often working on a small budget. Pandemic took us all by surprise around the globe infusing a sense of uncertainty. During these times, startups decided to trade the path cautiously, by cutting down on their expenses. Switching to ‘wait and watch mode’ provided startups to explore options available and adapt the same. One such was ‘Virtual office’ available at coworking space.


Features of Virtual office 

Virtual office facility provides the startups with the official address at no cost at all. This has proven to be a huge advantage for startups. Startups have a business address for reference to use while communicating with clients, vendors, investors, and for paperwork for the government. With the whole team working remotely due to the pandemic this has worked well with startups. The virtual office Bangalore has in turn reduced the capital expenditure on rent/lease, furniture, maintenance of the infrastructure, and equipment. This provides the startups an opportunity to channelize their resources to fuel their growth. 


Usage of facilities at Coworking space 

As and when required, virtual office members can utilize the facilities available at coworking space. They can book the meeting rooms/conference rooms for the team meetings along with an uninterrupted internet facility, and cloud storage to mention a few. Flexibility to use when required and to pay for the same is aiding startups to keep a tag of their expenses and focus on their work. 


Building the brand image 

The virtual office address aids in building the brand image. This is essential when startups are new and not known to the world. The coworking spaces with virtual assistants aid in projecting one in the best professional image while meeting hedge fund managers. A virtual assistant provides professional management for follow up on clients and investors. They can take care of communication of emails, and shield you from unwanted calls during your work time. 


Legal Affairs and Security 

Many coworking spaces offer to take care of legal formalities and statutory registrations for their virtual office members. Along with this, they ensure their members have the required amount of security, multi factor authentication for data security, and much needed software updates for the work environment. These facilities reduce the burden on virtual office members and also saves time from following up with government officials. The MFA and security keep their data safe in times when data security is of foremost concern to all big organizations in the world today. 


Virtual offices for Everyone! 

It does not matter if you are not a startup, freelancers, budding entrepreneurs, and business people can also take the privilege of a virtual office. They can have all their work related documents to carry this address at no cost. This option is beneficial for people who are vagabonds by nature. Remote working being the norm, professionals are working from various places. Many professionals who have the travel bug are working while traveling. Features of virtual office and coworking spaces are beneficial for these traveling crowds to keep up with their professional front efficiently. Other advantages so virtual office 


We have known that virtual offices are cost effective. Usage of facilities at the coworking spaces aids in networking and expanding the base. Networking is essential to build a brand in the business world today. This also provides an opportunity to come across a huge talent pool from college students to freelancers. Some of them can be your future team members or your partners. This informal opportunity to meet up will let you know more about them in person. Rapport built goes a long way while establishing a business. 


What does iKeva virtual office offer? 

iKeva has business centers in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. iKeva offers virtual offices at all their business centers. iKeva takes care of legal matters such as business address registration for their virtual office members. Our enterprise deals with cybersecurity seriously. All appropriate measures are taken to ensure the data is secured with multi factor authentication in place. iKeva goes an extra mile for the professionals to work stress free and focus only on work. 

Still, wondering whether it would be a good option to take a virtual office? It is cost effective and provides all the above advantages. Call up iKeva to get more details. iKeva members can utilize the facilities in all their business centers. For example, if you have taken up a virtual office in Hyderabad, you can utilize the coworking space facilities at Bengaluru and Mumbai also. So, call iKeva now! 

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