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How are Virtual office space Solutions flexible in terms of Cost and Reliability to the Clients

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The world has changed drastically  from what it was a decade ago. And most of these changes are a direct or indirect outcome of the information technology (IT) revolution. From how we earn our living to how we entertain ourselves, no realm of our current existence remains untouched by technology. From cryptocurrency to extra terrestrial feats, they are all magical wonders of digital mechanization. A decade ago international calling was a big deal, let alone working from one part of the world for a corporation on the other side of the globe. This has been a result of virtual office space solutions. 

Virtual offices are an alternative to the traditional office structure. Virtual office Bangalore enables business to function flexibly with all the services like a traditional office, excluding the hefty leases and overhead costs. It provides a combination of services like digital infrastructure, storage, space and concierge services. The virtual office provider might also provide a physical office address and other complimentary access to services like meeting rooms and working desks etc. There are a number of advantages of virtual offices. A few of them are discussed as follows:-

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased revenue and profit 
  • Decreased expenditures
  • Autonomy for employees
  • No commute
  • Access to talent pool across the world
  • Up to date with technology and digitization

However, the most important two advantages of virtual office space solutions are flexibility in terms of costs and reliability to the clients. The private office spaces are now archaic and outdated owing to huge costs that come with them. Firstly, enrolling and hiring at these spaces is a complex matter in itself. It involves mind boggling agreements and complicated legal bindings. Then it comes in long term contracts. In today’s mercurial work dynamics, it’s not easy to determine the future course of companies. Whether the company is going to flourish and there will be a need to upsize or whether it is going to incur losses and there will be a need to downsize it. In this scenario signing in to long leases and increased expenditures is not a good idea. On top of it, the pandemic that has struck the entire world makes the working environment more turbulent, adding to the uncertainty of the future. Business owners are inconclusive whether government rules and regulations will relax enabling them to reopen or will staying at home and working virtually will be the new ‘normal’ mode of working. A virtual office is a panacea to all these problems. 

Virtual offices provide flexibility in costs because they provide short term rentals at a meagre and affordable price. At iKeva, this credit balance can be carried over to our other branches anywhere all over India. If you want to keep your capital expenditures the least, we are the perfect choice for you. Our minimal contract begins from less than a month with an elasticity for extending up to many years. We allow the flexibility of shortening or extending our association at any time during the contract. 

What clients expect from a virtual office provider is that they are reliable. Our seamless service with a strong software foundation and professional IT infrastructure makes sure your experience of using our virtual office address is a pleasant one. A virtual address is not the only thing you get from us. Your business card gets an additional business address at a prime location in the city. This adds credibility and  authenticity to your corporation. This makes clients have an approachable attitude towards you. Apart from this, we provide management, customized phone answering, fax number for communication and concierge services. 

However, using a virtual office doesn’t mean that you are completely aloof from the in-office setup. Our virtual office packages allow you to complementarity use our fully equipped meeting rooms and desks at a coworking space centre. Our virtual offices are flexible, enabling our users to backup data without fearing any security breach. You can log in from anywhere and at any time and get to work. Apart from all of this, iKeva provides access to events hosted by and for the community.

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