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How are Serviced office Solutions Ideal for all Kinds of Businesses

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Businesses vary in size, investment, return on investment, and also the need to have an appropriate business office space. Running a business is not an easy task when you have errands to run from getting the investment, attending to the clients, approaching the banks, and meeting up with the government officials for registration and document purposes. Having traditional office setups will require time, effort, personnel, and investment from the business owner. Now, business owners can take advantage of serviced offices provided at the coworking spaces. The serviced offices have all the facilities of a functional traditional office but are maintained by coworking space. Today, let’s take a look at how serviced offices are ideal for the people running businesses. 

What is a Serviced office? 

Serviced offices are fully furnished office spaces available for functional occupation. The serviced offices are run by the coworking spaces. The business owner has the option of renting a room for 1 or 2, or 10­20 based on the requirement. Some businesses have occupied the entire floor as they expanded their business. A serviced office provides an opportunity to expand the working space as and when they require. 

Serviced Office Vs Traditional Office 

A traditional office requires investment. It begins with a deposit, followed by the infrastructure. The opportunity to expand as you need will be limited. Setting up the traditional office space requires effort to look for the appropriate space, negotiation for suitable lease and rent agreements, setting up the environment for employees to work. To get ROI or to get any productivity out of the investment will take some duration of time. 


Serviced offices are available at the prime location. The prime location is ideal for new businesses to establish a brand name. The plug­and­play offices can prove to be productive from day 1. The traditional offices come with set lease time, and the office spaces in prime locations require heavy investment on lease and rent. 

Flexibility to Expand 

Serviced workspaces give an option to expand the office space as and when required. The serviced office Bangalore of 10­15 members to 30 or 50. The flexibility to pay as and when you use is easy on the business owner’s wallet. This saves business owners from making a dead huge investment on the heavy lease on rented spaces. To expand in traditional office spaces, business owners will have to wait till the lease time has expired. If the office cannot be expanded in the current location, they need to put in the effort to search for the appropriate location. Chance to Build a network 

The serviced offices in coworking spaces provide an opportunity to meet motivated individuals. The enthusiastic working professionals are goal­oriented people. The opportunity to meet intrinsically motivated people boosts motivation to work better. The rapport built with the individuals over a while aids in getting the right skilled person at the time of need. 

The serviced office space concept is gaining attention in the business world today. Small businesses, start­ups, budding entrepreneurs, and business owners are utilizing the opportunity to rid themselves of the additional burden of running the office. The serviced office space is ideal for businesses needing addresses for communication purposes. The shared office space provides the opportunity to have a meeting with vendors, and clients in the business setting. The ambiance provides an appropriate setup with a virtual assistant to make an impression while meeting investors. Serviced offices at iKeva 

iKeva has an office for rent at its business centers in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The serviced offices are available in various sizes from accommodating 2 to 10, 20, or 30 people. Serviced offices have all the facilities of the coworking space. iKeva has pricing options defined as per the requirement. Call up iKeva to speak to our marketing officer to get details on the spacing area, amenities, uninterrupted power supply, Wi­Fi availability, cloud storage, and security available at the premises. iKeva believes in being a partner of their coworking space occupants. So, they provide an opportunity to the members of their workspace to utilize the premises in any of their coworking spaces in all the metro cities. Call iKeva now!