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what are the Different Kinds of Benefits and Packages of Serviced office

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Serviced offices are a new flexible approach to working. Herein, the serviced office providers take care of the office space used by private organisations. They provide a fully furnished and elaborate office so that the employees can work without any interference and the owners of the corporation can focus on important decision making and evolving strategies rather than running around to create a perfect office without any technical glitches and the ideal office environment. Serviced office is a rental office or a part of an office that a corporation procures in return of a fixed rent as per the terms and conditions of the contract. This office is fully equipped with facilities like infrastructure and tech support thereby fulfilling all the requirements of a private established office. 

Serviced offices were previously used only by freelancers and start ups. However  over time this is also used by multinational corporations and diverse conglomerates because of the unlimited benefits it provides. The serviced office is the ideal alternative against the conventional private offices especially under uncertain circumstances. This is because it is free of long term commitments in the form of rigid contracts and legally binding agreements. Therefore, the client company is free to continue or discontinue using the serviced office as a part of upsizing or downsizing their business operations. 

The key benefits of a serviced office include the following:-

  • Flexibility: – The main base that differentiates an ordinary office and a serviced office is flexibility. This can be discussed under two subheads. Firstly, flexibility of agreements that will be discussed shortly. And secondly, flexibility of services. This means that the serviced office remains open for you 24/7 for 365 days round the year. You can walk into the office anytime and tap all facilities you are privileged to access. 
  • Cost effective and economical: – The ace advantage of using a serviced office  is low rents and fair prices. Many serviced offices provide a free one month trial period. Others offer a meagre charge, too less when compared to a private office. The rentals follow a policy of pay as you grow. This means that the client pays only for the facilities and space used by them and not the fixed charge that was agreed priorly. 
  • Easy access to facilities: – The main reason as to why businesses approach serviced office mumbai providers is because they provide the required tools & tactics that are needed to start, run and grow business. This makes it an easy task. You do not have to worry about every minute detail of your office quarters and run around procuring mediocre services like electricity and internet connection. Hence, you are able to direct your energy and resources towards important decision-making and high priority agenda. 
  • Easy expansion and easy reduction- Using a serviced office translates to ‘transition made easier’. This is simply a reiteration of how escalating and curtailing your business operations becomes hassle free and a much easier task when compared to doing it with a private office.
  • Increased authenticity and credibility: The serviced office branches are present at prime locations in the city. Therefore, your business card will hold the same address. This projects a credible image towards your customers and make your business more approachable and well-disposed. 
  • Spacing – The serviced office provides an ample space for your establishment. There is no need for you to rent oversized Spaces to Fit amenities that you use occasionally. This underlines the frequent proverb ‘smaller the space, larger the operation’. 
  • Builds professional social circle- The serviced offices generally host a cluster of companies. This widens your horizons, connecting you to other professionals in and out of your circle. 
  • Staying up-to-date- the scenario in a private office is such that equipment is used until it stops giving service. On the other hand, the serviced offices provide modern, state of the art facilities at a reasonable price. 
  • Amenities like reception, courier and concierge services are always assisting you at the serviced office. There are also areas like recreational services and beverages at the campus. This keeps alive the creativity of employees, driving up the revenue and profit of the company.

Serviced offices are as simple as one solution for all. It is the best possible alternative for businesses of all sizes and shapes. IKeva’s serviced office is the ideal choice for you because we tailor our packages according to your needs. Our different packages are as follows:

  2. TEAMS OF 2 – 10
  3. TEAMS OF 11 – 30
  4. TEAMS OF 30 – 50
  5. TEAMS OF 50+

Be yours a team of uncountable members or be you a one-man team, we have it all for you. Visit now for more details. 

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