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What are the advantages of Fully Functional Office Spaces to the Clients on a Work Day

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Coffee shops started the trend of flexible, relaxed working in the early 2000. The décor of the coffee shop, the comfortable furniture, variety of coffee attracted professionals to work and chill at the same time. It also became a place to work and wait for clients and vendors for a meetup. It also became a place to network with colleagues over cookies and coffee. These comforts and relaxed environment along with other much-required facilities are attracting professionals to coworking spaces today. Today let’s take a look at the advantages of fully functional office spaces to professionals during their workday.

The workspace itself is a great motivator!

The changed mindset about ‘Work can be done only in a designated workspace in the regular cubicles under the supervision of superiors’ is in itself a huge change. Giving free leash to working professionals to choose where they work from is empowering them with freedom but also the responsibility to deliver as expected.

Coworking spaces are affordable

Professionals can take up coworking spaces available anywhere in the city at an affordable cost. If you have meetings scheduled with vendors, you have the choice to choose a location convenient to meet. Next, you can choose to have a meeting room, internet connection, café facilities available to clients during a meeting. Along with this, you can also avail the facility of the virtual assistant to aid during these meetings. All these facilities are available at affordable cost and charged for the number of hours used. Well, that is value for money!

Easy to book and Use

Booked the meetings at the last moment? Need furnished office space at moment’s notice. Well, all it takes a phone call to check for the availability at the required location and book. These spaces can be booked in advance, or immediately as per the need based on the availability. All it takes is a phone call. Coworking space go out of their way to make it comfortable for the professionals to work. So call, book and use the facility of the workspace.

Increased Productivity

If you have tried working in a coffee shop, you would have experienced the lovely chatter of the youngsters getting together over coffee, war of words among couples, and loud banter between the business buddies. Well, you do not have all these noises to disturb you any longer at the plug and play office. The environment is occupied by individuals focused on work, so you hardly experience the disturbance as in the coffee shop. The environment is conducive to focus on work and reaching the higher bar that you have set for yourself.

Workspace aids in putting up a professional front!

The first impression is still considered to be the best impression. Though, we have all got accustomed to our zoom calls and conducting business, meeting in person is an opportunity to create a lasting impression. The coworking space Hyderabad has the professional ambiance as that of the traditional office but with a comfortable feel. Booking for the meeting rooms on an hourly basis works the best for the professionals. Book the meeting room for meeting with clients, and investors. It offers a neutral ground to assess each other. It is an opportunity to know more about the person as more is said by the body language than the communicative language. Booking a meeting room or conference room along with virtual assistant aids in professionally projecting your image.

Workspaces take safety seriously!

Since COVID-19, the workspaces are carrying out regular sanitization and following the best practices so everyone in the environment is safe. There are clear guidelines to follow and the management ensures they are followed strictly. The office for rent spaces is designing their layout to take care of social distancing. The meeting rooms and conference rooms are de-densified and the lounges are reconfigured to create a lot of personal space for the working professionals. 

iKeva offers you all the above!

iKeva has business centers in Namma Bengaluru, Aamchi Mumbai, and Hyderabad. All the advantages explained above are available for working professionals at workspaces in our metros. Our coworking space support staff are just a call away. Call enquire and use the space to conduct your work or business at ease and cost-effectively. Still wondering is this the right choice? Just pick the phone and call iKeva now!