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Following the initiation of the “Make in India” campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, businesses in India and from abroad will find it a lot easier to start, set up and get going. Bottlenecks such as registration, legality, licenses, permits, property and construction, electricity, water etc., will be moderated for quick start of business in India.

Trade/business relations between India and other countries across the world are expected to reach an all-time high. Creating job opportunities for the youth of India and promoting entrepreneurship in India has been the burning concern of the Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have found a suitable solution to it.

India needs to accelerate business

To ensure a positive change within the business community in India and abroad, relaxation of laws, procedures and FDI limits across industries are expected to take place. This means that many establishments and corporations will now come knocking on India’s doors for investments and partnerships – a move that will make the country the most sought after place to setup a business. A transition that brings with it a welcoming change to the otherwise bureaucratic hurdles that have been hampering Brand India.

The program attempts to present the attitudinal change in India’s dealings with business and investors. This also ensures that there will be an improvement in the development of the country as a whole. The scenario looks positive not just for investors and businesses, including startups and newly formed, but also for the youth, providing them with right opportunities and platform for growth, thereby creating a better equipped and specialized work force.

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the commerce ministry has already been tasked with looking into specific sectors and activities that may require reforms. The deregulatory processes that have been initiated, aim at simplifying entry to industries and sectors in India. This should also improve India’s ranking in the “Doing Business Report” prepared by the World Bank.

Serviced office providers also expect to see a significant rise in demand for business start up office spaces. As the business pours in, office spaces will get scarce and difficult to manage with stiff competition in every sector. In such a scenario, engaging a serviced office provider may prove beneficial for the start-up and help the firm concentrate on making a place for itself in the market. A start up business centre is an ideal way to “get started” since it comes with pre-loaded features and plug and play benefits ensures a business can function in a hassle-free environment.

With all the trust the newly-formed Government has been trying to build among business ecosystem, companies in both India and abroad, are optimistic and are showing renewed interest in setting up their businesses in India to expand their horizons.

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