Why Serviced Offices Are Cheaper Than Traditional Office Space in Chennai

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It is an imperative to weigh the differences between traditional and serviced office spaces and discover the right option for your startup or small business. The serviced office spaces are indeed more economical than the traditional office spaces due to several reasons. It has been few years since the concept of the serviced offices has gained momentum across the world and Chennai being one of the most progressive cities of India has been a part of this revolution. A recurring theme is that the high number of startups in the present times are finding to operate in the perfect way possible for the growth and welfare of their ventures, but they obviously have stringent budgets in the initial phase of launching their businesses. Thus, the serviced office in Chennai is the most preferred option within affordable budgets.

Breaking through the misconceptions and myths about the Chennai office space

Most of us associate the conventional office spaces with the terms- personalized, high quality and control. The serviced office spaces, on the other hand, tend to be associated with terms like the low grade, generic and expensive. Most of the entrepreneurs and business owners have the perception that the conventional offices are always cheaper and a better option than the serviced offices Chennai.

The conclusions that are drawn by most of the entrepreneurs and business owners are fundamentally wrong. There are several well-known, and popular global organizations like Google and Twitter had opted for serviced offices when they first started their operations in London. The myth that serviced office spaces means necessarily low grade and expensive office spaces has to be done away with. There is a wide quality range which is found in the furnished offices Chennai and range from low grade to poorly maintained space to the plushest executive suites.

Nevertheless, the myth that “conventionally is great, serviced is not worth it” persists in the entrepreneurs and business owners in Chennai. Such stigma has not been complete does away with venin the present times. This confused thinking makes it impossible for the prospective tenants to take an informed and right choice regarding the selection of their office.

Helping entrepreneurs to make educated decisions

There are several business owners and new entrepreneurs who struggle to make an informed decision regarding the choice of their office space as they fail to understand the right route that suits their requirements in the best possible manner. There are several trusted real estate consultants in Chennai who involve in educating the realities of the furnished office space in Chennai. Providing the entrepreneurs are prepared to accept the guidance of the real estate and the serviced office space providers, the entrepreneurs soon find themselves fully equipped with the power to make an informed decision regarding securing a perfect office space for rent in Chennai that suits their customized requirements of their business.

Another great way is to follow the certain informative blogs that are available online that would help the entrepreneurs to understand the key differences between a conventional and serviced office demonstrating why the serviced office in Chennai better suits the business criteria and at the same time cheaper than the conventional ones.

Horses for courses

Breaking through the misconceptions and half-truths, it is crucial to emphasize that neither is better when compared. Rather it is horses for courses.

While the experts provide consultancy regarding the choice of office space, the requirements and nature of the business are different from each other. The best solution regarding the choice of the office space can be provided after determining each case. So, it is better for the entrepreneurs to seek for the right consultancy in case they are confused about making an informed decision.

What are the major points of differences between a conventional and serviced office in Chennai?

The conventional office space is being leased in the shell condition, and the trends reveal that there is a minimum lease term of five years and sometimes there is an extra clause incorporated in the contract. The extra clause speaks about the break clause of the contract on completion of the third year. Also, in such contracts, the tenants are given the liberty of modifying the space as per their customized needs. The tenants also have the complete control over the design, branding and furnishing. They can use the premises to showcase their business personality. The tenants also have the liberty of choosing the ISP, telecom supplier and other services as per their preference.

Whereas, the serviced offices providers in Chennai offer an all-inclusive package of fully furnished office in Chennai which also includes telecom, power and internet connections and all cost are included in a single package of costing. The office space that is available in a serviced office package is short-term agreements and are completely flexible. These are built around the requirements of the tenant. In this case, the tenant loses some control over their space but in lieu gains certain extent of flexibility and convenience.

So, after determining all the aspects, it is obvious that a serviced offices are cheaper and more flexible than the traditional office spaces in Chennai.

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