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Things to remember before moving your home office to a serviced office

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Things to remember before moving your home office to a serviced office

‘Home’ place to relax, rest and rejuvenate and to be with the family has become a workplace for most of us around the globe since COVID-19. The pandemic has proven that we can work productively together as a team. Working from home comfort has its own set of advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Working from home gives the flexibility to work at a time convenient to you, at the same time home is bound to have its share of noise. The noise can vary from gleeful children or cranky senior citizens or chirping or barking pets. This can be distracting while attending virtual meetings online. Online meetings are when decisions are taken and work gets done. These pivotal times require you to focus entirely on the work at hand. It is challenging to get an environment without disturbance at home. Serviced offices are a solution for this. Organizations, startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are looking for ways to keep their employees safe at the same time remain productive by providing service offices nearer to their homes. The plug-and-play office spaces are providing service offices for the organizations to use on a regular basis on prior booking. Here let’s take a look at what are serviced offices and the criterion one has to consider before moving to a serviced office.

What are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are reserved office spaces within the coworking spaces for an organization. In short, the organization can hire certain square feet of the coworking space for its employees thus becoming a tenant of the coworking space. The employees working in the serviced office will have privacy from the rest of the space. They can avail all the other facilities of the workspace space such as uninterrupted power supply, high-speed internet, cloud storage, mail services, reception desk, virtual assistant, recreational areas, and other facilities just like an office for rent.

The criterion to consider before moving to a serviced office

Serviced offices can be opted by freelancers, entrepreneurs, budding startups, and organizations. Team offices provide immense benefits but before heading to look for one you need to consider few things.


The home office is without cost, so one has to decide on the affordable cost for their serviced office. While doing so one can consider the pricing option for having an independent office, using coworking space, and also using a serviced office. The comparison will give an idea of the pricing options and also how effectively it will work on taking up the service office.

Try out the options before taking the leap

Before leaping to take up a serviced office, one can try out using coworking space. The facilities available and verify the costing options. You can try out two or more coworking spaces in the vicinity of your home. This would give a fair idea of how the work can be conducted in the furnished office space. This trial period also gives you a choice to choose amongst the tried coworking spaces.  You will become aware of the amenities and also which amenities matter the most to you. 

Location of the Service office

Closer location to home is an added advantage as it reduces the travel time. The selected location also needs to be easily accessible to meet your clients, vendors or to hold team meetings. So, easy accessibility is crucial while deciding the location. One can use the business center to have business meetings regularly.

Pricing Options and Size of the Service Office

While looking out for the service office, it is easy to get carried away with the number of facilities available at the furnished office space. So, it is good to make a list of facilities you would need on a daily basis. Based on the list and pricing options of the various locations also on the accessibility, you can choose one to fit the bill and also be cost-effective.

Try for a short time

Opt for a short lease period before entering a long-term lease agreement. The serviced offices give an option to expand at a later date in case of need in the agreement. You have a choice to upgrade as and when required, so try for a short period and test the water on how it will work out for your business.

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