Considering that the online marketplace now offers freelancers with an open field to compete with different firms, it is not wise to limit your growth to what’s available in your local area. If you’re interested in elevating your business to service international clients, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Time Zones
Before you get an international client on board, be sure to map out a management plan, considering the different time zones. It is best to ensure that you communicate with your overseas client to avoid conflict and understanding of timelines of delivery. You don’t want to be disturbing them early morning or late night and getting them annoyed.

Sort out your Payments<
While dealing with an International client, make sure you clarify the method that will be used for payments. Keep a track of the exchange rate of your currency to avoid any losses at your end. Ensure that you are aware of the tax implications and are compliant with the local laws of both the countries.

Interpreting the communication
With a major difference in the culture and language, there is a chance to have language differences. Be prepared for certain distortions that might occur while interacting. You might need to tone down the pace while speaking and be cautious about using a more neutral accent. Do some research on the jargons that are not understood by foreigners and avoid words/ phrases that may be deemed as rude/ unacceptable in other cultures!

Set up Contracts<
It’s always a good idea to set up a contractual agreement before beginning work for a new client. This is especially applicable to International clients. However, the rule of a binding agreement often varies from country to country. Do seek legal advice if required to be sure that the contract protects both you and your client.

Be aware of the cultural differences
You may find that in some cultures talking about pricing is not practiced openly, so you might need to mold your ways. Also, in some countries, being modest about your business and finances is considered impressive. In Australia, for example, you’re likely to receive a better greeting if you make a self-critical introduction than a self-promotional one.

International clients come with their own set of conditions, however, with our guidelines; you’ll be able to navigate the pitfalls well. Just work with confidence and you are sure to have on board any client you want.

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