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Delightful Tips to Make your Office a Fun Place!

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Some believe that an office is a place purely for work. While there is a big lot who seems to trust the work hard- play hard outlook. And we agree!
After all, considering the amount of time one spends at the office, it makes sense to give “fun” some credit for saving the day!
Having said that, it is very important to make a distinction between your employees enjoying their work from enjoying their job! Loving the work one carries out might not be the same as loving one’s job!
As an entrepreneur, the least you could do is to create a fun atmosphere at work to retain the productivity, whether your people love the work or don’t.

Here are a few tips to make your workplace more fun and increase productivity:
Break Out Areas
Keep everyone motivated and refreshed by encouraging regular breaks. Try setting up a “breakout area” where people can unwind and clear their minds. A pool table, bean bags, Gaming room, a picnic bench- it’s all good for a change of scenery.  Give your employees a fresh new perspective to take back to their desks.

Celebrate the progress
In order to keep your team happy, it is important to make them feel important in their role to the company. Make sure you recognize their meaningful work and celebrate the small wins. Honour your team by holding monthly or weekly awards and recognition for different job roles.

Encourage Hobbies
Everyone has a hobby that they love indulging in. Let your employees take a half hour out in a day to work on it. Be it painting, music, dance, writing, sports or anything else – allow the team to feel free in spending time with them every day. Encourage the hobbies of your team and let them keep the creative juices flowing.

Your team dedicates a large chunk of their efforts and time to help you grow. It’s important that they don’t find the work set up to be dull. An attractive and interesting office is essential to keep them going. Besides, if your company prides itself to be rising, a cluttered office wouldn’t help your team feel in line with your mission.
How about getting everyone involved and decorate your office as a team?
A good-looking office is a key to hold productivity in the spotlight. Plus, it would be a great way to bring everyone together!

Get a Dog
Research has shown that having a pet companion in the office can, in fact, increase productivity, reduce stress and help the employees connect.
In other words, having an office pet – dogs especially would help your team become better collaborators. So, go on, get a pet companion at work and watch the productivity soaring out of happiness!\

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Have fun and keep the productivity high at all times!