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In what ways are virtual offices advantageous for people involved in independent journalism?

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Independent journalism is one of the most lucrative jobs in world media. An independent journalist has the flexibility and opportunity to work with multiple production houses without being obliged to be physically present in different places. Hence, a virtual office is the best option for an independent journalist working with various media houses. A virtual office setting is easily flexible as it comes with in-built modern technological support, video meeting and conference rooms, and personalised business address. Such a setup also helps save time and funds due to  absence of commuting and special traveller packages. The central advantages of a virtual office are:

Greater connectivity with media houses worldwide – A virtual office is well equipped with up-to-date technical instruments for video calls, conferences, presentations, and meetings with clients or media organisations located in different cities and in other countries worldwide. Better connectivity enables better assimilation of data and more versatile articulation of thoughts. These act as catalysts for more productive news, articles, and cover stories.

Saves time – A virtual office helps save time due to absence of travelling to and from workplace. The time that is saved, may be better used in making fruitful progress in professional work. In this way, it is easier for the journalist to focus more time on professional development and finer quality of writing.

Saves money – A virtual office helps save a lot of funds due to the freedom from regular travelling and the traveller packages available for members. A traveller package allows a virtual office member to avail of a similar office in another place at the same rate. This enables cuts in the expenses, and save up for further business development plans.

Personal business address – An independent journalist with a personal business address to flash on their professional card, attracts a lot of large-cap media houses to write for. A virtual office gives the opportunity to possess a personal business address with customised phone answering and postal services, enhancing the chances of global exposure and expansion in career scopes.

Flexible – A virtual office is flexible in nature because it requires no space and specific time slots for booking. A virtual office can be used at one’s disposal, whenever required for work that involves large scale comminication and data assimilation through meetings. This flexibility in work culture at a virtual office setup gives an independent journalist the opportunity to assimilate data effectively, allocate their time wisely, and meet deadlines accordingly.

An independent journalist is at an absolute advantage in a virtual office setup because of the flexible work opportunity, cuts in personal funds, and wise utilisation of time. The numerous facilities always help people expand their business ventures.

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