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What To Avoid While Choosing Virtual Office Solutions

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The virtual world today is wider than the physical world. Globalization, aerospace engineering, and ever-increasing body of knowledge is bringing to reality elements that were unthinkable just a few decades ago. Now, the very existence of man is impossible without these elements. A few years ago, business ventures had to have a physical base and having virtual presence was an added advantage. Now, it is the opposite. A firm with a decent online presence is considered quintessential for the success of the company, and establishing a physical base is optional. A virtual office tackles many business struggles that may come your way.

The advantages of choosing a virtual office are enormous. However, you need to brainstorm before you make your choice. You must keep in mind your budget, requirements and the benefits you expect. Generally, virtual offices boost your customer support and provide a wide array of benefits from automated calling and mailing systems to professional and administrative support. Here are a few points you must keep in mind while choosing your virtual office:

Hefty Pricing:

Choosing a virtual office package that is too expensive is definitely a mistake. You must always keep in mind your budget while picking a virtual office. If you go for something that is beyond what you can afford, it adds expenses and diminishes your revenue. The package must be selected carefully that suits the needs of your employees and no corner must remain untouched and unused.


Location is one of the major things you need to consider before choosing a virtual office. Since your brand communication is done through here, you must carefully choose a virtual office present in a prime business location. A good location creates a desired professional image, boosts your credibility, makes it more reliable and stable. This also should be easily accessible to the clients when you need to conduct business meetings.

Brand reputation:

Before you choose a virtual office, make sure the company has enough reviews and positive feedback from its past or current customers. Enquire about the brand online and offline to reduce the risk of disappointment and future concerns.

Meeting legal standards

The government and other statutory nodal agencies through various laws, rules, regulations and gazettes have laid down its own standards of security. The virtual office solution you are looking for, must meet and adhere to all of these verifications. Otherwise, they may pull you into trouble. Often, these less-than-legal organizations use their office address as a front for illegal activity, like fraudulent e-commerce programs. Also, make sure the details you give while registration is authentic and have credible proof. This might help you when you get screwed by chance.


Thoroughly understand the encryption and security terms of the virtual office. Many times the virtual office contains files that are classified and are meant to be kept confidential. Carefully analyze your files are safe with them and do not have any privacy concerns. Make sure your virtual office is free from all such shortcomings.

Meeting room or workstation access

Check whether the virtual office provides just the business address and dust-off hands or also provides additional meeting room access to conduct business meetings with clients. Some of them offer access to the workstation for a few hours as well. Check whether it offers the above features.

Quality Services

Since the customers that approach you to get in touch with your virtual support, it portrays your first impression. You must ensure the quality of the services is up to the mark and the receptionist is well-trained to take up the calls on your behalf. This is an important point from a customer-service perspective.

iKeva provides a virtual office address with flexible packages abiding all the guidelines. Every virtual office is different, so be sure you align with a provider that meets your business needs. Some virtual offices charge for certain services, whereas others may not offer the business amenities you require. Therefore, you must bear in mind all the above points and weigh various alternatives.