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Why Virtual office is the best Ideal and Strategic product for Startups

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Startups have immense power in their belly, desire to succeed and passion to create their product but they are bootstrapped. Startups operate on a shoestring budget in their initial days of existence. The Indian startups have received venture capital inflow of estimated funding of $13.7 billion across 1044 funding deals in the year 2021. The number speaks for itself and shows the number of startups on Indian soil. Working on the initial growth without any revenue is the trying phase for the startups. This is where coworking spaces come into the picture. The virtual offices offered at coworking space are beneficial for the startups to initiate their business. Today let’s take a look at how virtual offices are ideal for startups.

What is a Virtual Office?

The pandemic has forced us all to work from home for more than a year now. So, with most of the work happening at home startups do not need the physical office space for its existence. But they do need a strategic location for their business communication. Virtual offices offered at coworking spaces fill that requirement for business address communication. The virtual office address can be utilized in their communication with vendors, clients, and also for government paperwork. All this is available at a very minimal cost. 

Option to use the coworking space on the requirement

Though employees are all working from home, there are times and occasions when team meetings become essential. Coworking spaces offer the flexibility to use the meeting rooms, conference halls on prior booking. The startups can book for the required number of hours along with the facilities required such as refreshments for the team, internet facility, projector to name a few.  The startups will be billed only for the hours they use. This is a cost-effective option for startups.

Privilege to have a Virtual Assistant

Working to get your product or service on the market, leading a team, following on the deadlines would be quite too much for anyone to handle. Virtual assistants at the shared office space come to aid during these occasions. Virtual assistant at the coworking space is a trained professional to handle your appointments with clients, investors, and vendors. The assistant takes calls and holds the business end on your behalf. This opportunity to have a trained virtual professional for help comes only with a coworking space. So, professionals working in startups can use this opportunity for the duration they need. 

A virtual office provides professionalism

The professionalism that startups require to project to their counterparts is essential to make a mark in business. The image of professionalism is not possible from home as it is all about comfort. So, the days when you need to put in the best professional image virtual office fit the bill exactly. The office environment, the ambiance, and the facilities to conduct work are readily available in coworking space compared to home. The professionalism display is crucial for startups as they need to project they are serious about their work and do conduct business by the book.

Virtual offices and Coworking spaces are Cost-Effective

Virtual offices do not cost much and are affordable. Pay for use mantra adopted by the coworking space suits the cost-conscious startups very well. Startups do not have to worry about paying heavy deposits, infrastructure costs such as furniture, ambiance, servers, power supply, their monthly expenses to name a few. With less stress and no worry, all the amenities of the regular office setup are available at the coworking space to use and pay when required. So, the virtual office facilitates the use of an official address for the startups and coworking spaces for the regular office amenities.

Best Amenities Available at Economic prices

Coworking spaces offer best amenities for their professionals. Internet and smartphones have shrunk the world to a considerable extent. Knowing that the professionals using the space will be interacting with people around the globe, coworking spaces provide uninterrupted power supply, high-speed internet, and cloud storage space. Coworking spaces ensure the bandwidth is good so the professionals can send and receive the data in no time. This efficiency and amenities offered to professionals are beneficial as it is only for the usage period that one needs to pay.

Increase in Productivity

Infrastructure and readily available facilities relieve the startups to focus on their work alone so that they can pursue their passion without any worries thereby increasing their productivity. Coworking space provides that space wherein one can focus on their passion without disturbances of cooker sound, tv noise, and children running around. The time without any kind of disturbance is much needed while pursuing their work to make a mark in the business world.

iKeva is a strategic partner to Startups

The Virtual offices at coworking space provide the business communication location for all their business communication without costing much. This is a boost for startups wherein they can start their business without investing in real estate and infrastructure. iKeva officers virtual office and all the other facilities mentioned above to its professionals. The coworking spaces at Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad have various pricing options to select from. If you are still unsure, call iKeva and talk to our professionals. They will find a suitable package to suit your requirements. 

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