How will Coworking Space Mumbai Change the Way you look at Rented Office Spaces?

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If you have just launched a startup or only working with a small team consisting of a handful of members, then you must be probably working in a small office which is not so amazing, dark and congested unbreathable space. This is a fact that even if you are keen on having a big, well-furnished and plush office in Mumbai, you may be short of funds in the initial days and months of launching your startup. Under such circumstances, you must surely opt for some great looking and well-furnished coworking space in Mumbai which would help you realize the dream of working from a plush and well-resourced office space.

Coworking space or shared office Mumbai is certainly the most cost-effective way for availing a state-of-art office space with all flexibilities. There are no long time lease contracts, and you can opt to move out any time. This is a wonderful flexibility for the startups and the small businesses. This is indeed the most trending concept where you have the option of choosing the right place which you would prefer to call your office. These shared offices Mumbai are fun-filled and quirky co-working spaces with a lot of opportunities to network with a bunch of intelligent and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Why is coworking spaces in Mumbai a great option to opt?

Coworking spaces in Mumbai are in many ways ditto the stereotype of the expected and conventional corporate setups. Here you get the access to free organic coffee or a beer once in awhile, mini library space, break out areas, comfortable couches for lounging and also a huge sea of young people who are busy working on their Apple laptops. There is end number of amenities that have the potential to lure you and your team towards the coworking space in Mumbai. Some of the great reasons for opting for coworking spaces in Mumbai are jotted below. Have a look.

  • Affordable– Mumbai being the commercial capital of the country is the costliest city in the country as well. Just like all other stuff, real estate in Mumbai is exorbitantly priced. Under such circumstances, the dream of a startup entrepreneur to own a plush private office cannot be practically materialized. This is where the modern-day coworking spaces in Mumbai has come up to fulfil everyone’s dream of working from a plush office at an affordable cost. The charges are usually on per workstation basis or head basis. The best part is that you have the flexibility of choosing the number of workstations as per your requirement. Also, there is no long-term lease involves and the payment is on a monthly basis. Thus, there is no tension of depositing a large amount of security money and committing on long-term lease agreements.
  • Availability of all necessary office resources– The coworking office providers have a deep understanding of the minutest requirements that a startup usually needs. Most of the coworking space providers in Mumbai offer varieties of services which help the startup businesses to grow tremendously. The several mundane things including the pitch nights before the investors are being organized by the coworking space providers of Mumbai. There are several startups and small companies working from the same office. Thus, the easy accessibility of the neighbours enables you to approach for their advice and suggestions at times when you are struck.
  • Networking opportunity– The shared offices in Mumbai are flooded with several dynamic and young people. The ecosystem which is formed out here consists of intelligent and ambitious entrepreneurs from different companies that range across various industries. These people have lots of experiences from different walks of life. Thus, there are fair chances that you collaborate with them for certain mutual benefits in the business front.
  • Positive and vibrant energy everywhere– Launching a startup is psychologically demanding as the concerned entrepreneur has several things on his plate and there are many things which are at stake. There are trying times when the entrepreneurs end up doubting themselves, their company and mission due to the perpetual slow progress. There are several nights when the entrepreneurs work till very late at night whereas his family & friends are leading a peaceful and relaxed life. This is a proven fact that the coworking spaces in Mumbai are surrounded by numerous dedicated and hard-working professionals and entrepreneurs who can boost your spirit and can provide the best cure for startup blues. There are several small and big challenges in business which can be overcome with the coordination and help of experienced colleagues.

Finding the best coworking space in Mumbai

While selecting a coworking space in Mumbai, you must ensure that you choose the best among the available options.

Following is a useful checklist to follow while choosing a coworking space in Mumbai:

  1. Finalizing the strategic and right location– If you are in the mission of getting the best coworking space in Mumbai to meet your clients regularly, then you should ideally choose a location which is convenient for your clients. This place should be preferably within the city limits of Mumbai, well-connected and easy to reach. This place should preferably be one of the prime business districts in the commercial capital and should not be in some newly developed suburban area away from the city.
  2. Receiving the preferred level of support Once you have completed the shortlisting of the coworking spaces, then there are two major options that the startups should consider. The very first one is on prioritizing a place which can act as an incubator to offer the much valuable mentorship with the desired level of support. The second option is to choose an autonomous shared office that is open for all.
  3. Getting a dedicated space in the shared office– You can probably figure out your preference if you require a hot desk or a dedicated office with a permanent workstation. This has to be figured out by you depending on your requirements in business and your preference.
  4. Figuring out the offered features and resources– You must be requiring certain specific amenities and equipment for the smooth operation of your startups. For example, if the business is in the creative sector, then there may be requirements of workshops at times. So, you need to re-check with the coworking space provider whether they would be able to cater to your special requirements whenever required.
  5. Getting the right vibe– Every coworking space is unique, and the community of people working there also are different. The atmosphere in the coworking space also varies. Some professionals prefer highly professional environment whereas some prefer to work in an informal environment for better productivity. So, interacting with the community will give you a fair idea of the culture that prevails in that work space. This will help you in determining whether you will get the right vibe from the shared office.

So, opting for a coworking space in Mumbai would certainly change the way you look at a rented office space as there are a lot of things in an offer within affordable budgets like never before.

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