The thing that most start-ups worry about is finding a workspace. When your entire budget is aimed at getting your business off the ground and stable, spending the majority of your capital on renting a workspace not only makes no sense, it’s a mistake that could seriously cost you as well as your business. Over the last couple of years though, traditional offices have fallen by the wayside, with entrepreneurs and new businesses opting for more cost-effective and convenient solutions. Trends in working have changed too, with creativity and workplace flexibility taking precedence over having a defined workspace. That’s where the shared coworking space comes in. The primary benefit of creative office workspaces is they offer plenty of benefits at low costs, and are not confined to rigid structures like traditional offices were. Here are five ways coworking spaces benefit start-ups.

  • Flexible Working
    The major draw of a shared coworking space is the flexibility it offers. People working in them can work freely at any time of day and are not restricted to single cubicles like we’ve come to expect from a traditional office. The lack of rigid work hours, the freedom to talk, mingle and collaborate with others on work makes for incredibly creative office workspaces.
  • Talent pooling
    A shared coworking space comes with many benefits. More than anything else, it is a creative, collaborative workspace that encourages interaction with other members, coworkers and team members. This is what makes them truly creative office workspaces.
  • Open & Engaging
    Shared coworking spaces are known for being open and engaging environments, where the work is collaborative in nature and improving workplace interactions. There’s plenty of potential in a shared coworking space for engaging with other businesses, sharing knowledge and for organizing cross-company training as well as seminars.
  • Mentorship
    When you’re a fairly new entrepreneur, having someone to guide you and answer any queries you have is a blessing. In a shared coworking space, you get to speak to people from other businesses and start-ups and, you can speak to other founders one-on-one. This lets you gain from the experience of other start-up founders and the higher management of already established companies.
  • A Haven for ideas
    Coworking spaces
    as we already know are incredibly creative workspaces. They encourage free interaction between coworkers as well as collaborative efforts between teams, and companies too. One fact about creative office workspaces that is occasionally overlooked is that they are a haven for new ideas. In between all the collaboration, many new ideas are born, leading to a better way to benefit a business’ clients or in some cases, ideas that lead to the launch of completely new businesses. It’s for this reason alone that coworking offices are considered breeding grounds for new businesses. One germ of an idea can grow into the next viral business sensation.

There’s so much that can, and does happen in a shared coworking space. These five points are just the tip of the coworking iceberg. So, next time you think of finding the perfect creative workspace, opt for an iKeva coworking office. Your future begins here!


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