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The growing culture of coworking is changing the office designs

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Designing an ergonomic and productive office indeed involves a lot of hard work. A great office design necessarily needs to be dynamic and should be able to adapt to several requirements both in the short term as well as long term. While the building remains the same for several decades, the interior design of the offices inside keeps changing from time to time as per the requirement of the client.

On a practical level, the design of an office remains static. This is physical design. It is set in stone and the moment the construction work finishes, the design agency takes the onus to set the space up as per the requirement of the client. The veteran office designers are far-sighted and have the vision of creating enough flexibility that the offices demand. The designing of the offices is very different from the designing of residential houses for the families. Office spaces will be occupied by several people and should necessarily be receptive to changes that would occur from time to time.

Traditionally, the offices are usually occupied by the finite number of tenants in a specific number of years. The designer at times does not even know who the first tenant would be. So, the designers usually opt for easily modifiable, neutral and flexible office design which ensures that every inch of the office space is optimally used.

In the coworking spaces, the tenants are more like consumers rather than occupiers of the workspace. When a specific space is being given for rent for a short term with lesser commitments, then it usually starts to give a feeling of a hotel. Indeed, to a certain extent, it is true as well. Just like the hotels, the coworking spaces also have a creative and vivid interior design. This becomes one of the major selling points for the coworking spaces as this attracts the attention of the potential consumers considerably. A coworking space is strategically designed in such a manner that it has the bandwidth of offering several amenities and also supports a wide variety of work styles. Also, when it comes to the coworking spaces, it mandatorily has a dedicated corner for recreational facilities for the members. Those coworking members who would want a break in the middle of their hectic schedules can opt to use these facilities.

The result is that the best and organized coworking spaces are very aesthetically designed to be distinct and they are functionally more versatile. This is great news for the startups and also the other short-term tenants that the coworking spaces are designed optimally and adequately to cater to the specific and obscure requirements that they have.

The trend of coworking also makes the job of the designer absolutely fun-filled because they have an opportunity to experiment with unique and trendy interiors that would ideally suit the taste and requirements of the future tenants. The interior designers essentially help the coworking space management to brand the workspace in the best possible manner that would, in turn, entice the future tenants.

This goes without any doubt that designing a coworking space like an art gallery or museum is of no use. It has to be the right balance of aesthetics, flexibility, and functionality taking into account the prospective customers’ desires. There are a variety of customers that the coworking spaces serve and this gives the coworking spaces the freedom to be more experiential. So, this goes without any second opinion that a trendy coworking space is way more lavish than the top-notch corporate offices as well. When it comes to coworking spaces Bangalore, the office designers are given adequate creative freedom as compared to designing the traditional offices. Now, we are yet to witness how the traditional office designs would change with the passing time in order to keep pace with the aesthetically-daring and trend-setting coworking spaces.

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