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Coworking Spaces Are More Productive Than Home Offices – Why?

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Are you a freelancer or a start-up entrepreneur? You must be having a shoe-string budget for your operations and thus you must be sceptic about spending an amount to hire an office space. To all the sceptics out there who perceive that your home office is perfect, here is a heads up for you. Adopting a coworking space may add a lot of value to your start-up or ongoing business.  This is already time-proven that coworking works. If you spend some money on coworking, then that is more of an investment rather than an expense.

Let’s have a look at how coworking is superior to your home office.

Convenience & peace of mind

when you start operating from a coworking space, all your requirements at a workspace are taken care of. The community manager would also take care of the smallest thing that you require like looking after if the printer is working or not – checks whether there is enough cartridge, paper and also fixes it if there is some inevitable jam in the printer. In a similar way, the team in the coworking space administration would also take care of whether the Wi-fi is working in a perfect condition or not. Apart from that, you do not need to bother about trivial things like AC servicing, the arrangement of snacks, sending your courier consignments etc. as these are all taken care of by the coworking administration. So, you can enjoy all the conveniences and continue concentrating on your core business when you adopt a coworking space. Thus, complete peace of mind is ensured.


When you go out of your house and start working from a coworking space, you have a great opportunity of meeting new people who are dynamic and bright-eyed entrepreneurs and professionals and hence you build an effective professional network. This is indeed a perk of joining a good coworking space in Mumbai for example. You would no more be held up within your home office. We understand that professional networking is also possible online with the rapid popularity of the online medium but face to face connection that happens in a coworking space is much more effective for sure. We vouch that the connections that you make in the coworking spaces would be much more than just adding a business card to your Rolodex. Moreover, the coworking spaces are the major hubs of serendipitous activities. Whether you want to hire a dog walker, bookkeeper, translator, babysitter or someone who would pick up your dry cleaning, there is a high probability that you would find someone who would provide you with a perfect solution for your need/s.


The quality of a coworking space is determined by a number of factors. The environment of a coworking space is made conducive by inculcating several things like the effective lighting, good and spacious work stations and ergonomic chairs which are conducive to comfortable sitting for a long time and working comfortably. There are several other small aspects which are taken care of as the placement of plants, introducing the right aroma, introducing the right placement of power outlets and coffee dispensing machine, etc. which finetunes and determines the quality of coworking spaces. The millennials have a school of thought which leads to the road to perfection. The millennials are very particular about the work-life balance which often gets disturbed while working from home as you tend to overwork at times. When you are operating from a coworking space, in order to maintain the sanitary purposes, you are forced to close your computer when the coworking space shuts down at the end of the day.

Master The Art Of Work-Life Balance In Shared Offices

Just like the above three major factors, there are several other benefits of coworking spaces over a home office which I can ramble on & on. Now that you have an idea of what coworking spaces can offer you, you can safely try it out for yourself and experience the difference all by yourself.



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