Why Start-Up Companies in Gurgaon Should Consider a Virtual Office

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Startups in Gurgaon are rapidly developing a reputation for adopting an unconventional office culture. There are several startups which are undergoing the fraught process of starting up with limited budgets. The concept of virtual office solutions has been trending all across the globe and this is a big hit in the city of Gurgaon as well. The startup entrepreneurs are embracing the affordability and convenience of a virtual office in Gurgaon.

Following are some of the advantages for a startup to opt for a virtual office in Gurgaon.


  • Virtual offices perfectly legitimizes the startups and small businesses


Any start-up business which has opted for virtual office solutions will still require a physical space at times for business meetings. A physical space adds to the credibility of the business and also gives the business a commercial mailing address. So, while opting for the virtual offices, an entrepreneur can still opt for some physical space in the form of the highly professional co-working space that is fully equipped with modern office hardware, prestigious commercial address and also a virtual receptionist service to cover the company digital phone lines and also in order to manage incoming callers. All of these services are included in the virtual office solutions. All of these services possess a lot of significance in providing the startups a completely professional gloss which facilitates the business to translate into corporate advancement and sizeable real sales.


  • Virtual offices are affordable and keep costs down


Gurgaon is one of the biggest corporate hubs of the country and thus the cost of real estate is also skyrocketing. So, it is difficult for the start-ups to afford conventional offices in prestigious commercial properties. With the economic climate where investors and lenders recognize the high potential of the startups, there is no luxury of extravagant expenses in the initial years. After all, half of the startup businesses fail just within five years of their launch and several of them keep struggling to just recover their operating expenses.

The fixed overhead and maintenance costs are associated with a traditional office and there are also extra expenses which compound the challenge. While renting out a traditional office, a business is responsible for paying off a lot of costs like internet service, rent of the space, utility bills, cleaning and much more. These costs include the weeks and the nights when the physical office is not being used.

Virtual offices will enable you to limit the costs and provide the startups absolutely the same services and the conveniences. The only difference is that you avail all these services at a fraction of a cost by opting for a virtual address in Gurgaon. The best part is that each of the members in a startup virtual office usually pays for the services that they use. This ensures that all the expenses are controlled over the longer periods of time.


  • Virtual offices in Gurgaon provide convenience and superior mobility


Another major appeal of a virtual office is the flexibility and mobility attached with the same, as the system is perfect even when you have small and flexible teams. If a Gurgaon startup’s staff requires being in another city for some important meeting or event, then it is easy to pack up and go without thinking much about who will take care for the office like answering phones, receiving mails, watering the plants etc. All these things are already taken care of if you opt for a virtual office in Gurgaon. At the same time, the startup staff has the privilege of using the cloud-based business software anytime and from any location. The employees can enjoy access to all the cloud-based services like web conferencing, cloud storage etc. from any remote location.

Parameters to be taken into account while opting for a virtual office in Gurgaon

While finalizing a virtual office for your startup in Gurgaon, you should necessarily consider following three elements.

  • Your business website-This should be a super shiny shop window which would prove to be a star sales representative for your business eventually. When you have decided to opt for a virtual office, then having a great website becomes even more crucial as you have to rely on your online presence a lot for pursuing your business successfully.
  • Taking care of building a reputation for your business– In case you have planned to pursue a business which demands more comprehensive virtual offices, then you should consider hiring for some professional services. It important as you can undertake research as to build up and maintain company reputation. Remembering all the purposes and the intents that the reputation management would have on your business, you should take proper care of this in order for your startup to flourish. In this process, the most important component is to ask for the client testimonials and also their general thoughts regarding the company, especially online through the consumer review websites and social media.
  • Continually reviewing the team’s performance– It is obvious that working from the virtual offices would encourage productivity. However, it is also important to build an effective team which performs well consistently. Operating optimally requires the entire team’s support and following the ethical norms of working. So, continual reviewing of the team’s performance is a priority.

So, if you are launching or have just launched your startup and want to operate from Gurgaon, then opting for a virtual office in Gurgaon in the initial years of your operation can be a winning idea for you.


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