‘Renovation’, the word invokes a new picture in your eyes. In no time an itinerary list gets formed in the mind about the amenities and colors for the background. Well, renovation fills us with excitement at the same time it brings in a whole list of choices to make.

Renovation is just not changing the decors and lights, isn’t it? Immediately a whole list of new inclusions and eliminating the negatives in the place gets ready. Before the real renovation takes place a lot of work goes behind the scenes. The background work includes a huge amount of enquiring, paperwork, and budgeting needs. Once you are convinced that you are going ahead with the renovation, let’s take a peek at all the work that goes before the actual renovation. The first step is to make a listicle of what all are a must for your workplace. For instance, for a coworking space, the listicle for renovation would be like

How many numbers of people the shared office space is expected to accommodate?

The total number of people that space can accommodate is vital. This number aids in deciding the seating arrangements for the shared space. While going to seating arrangements, the questions that need to be answered are.

  • The kind of layout of the office, whether it needs to be open or private offices?
  • If the need is private offices then the number of private offices space can accommodate?
  • How to design workstations? Whether the workstations need to be cubicles, desks, or benching systems)

The Layout of the office space

Furnished office space is inclusive of the reception area, working area, meeting rooms, cafeteria, recreation room to name a few. The office for rent serves as a business center also.

  • The reception area needs to be welcoming to guests. The style and comfort take precedence in the presentation. As the word goes ‘The first impression is the best impression’.
  • The meeting rooms or conference rooms are an integral part of the plug and play office. So the questions here would be the number of people that the conference room can accommodate? The number of electrical fittings for audio and visual types of equipment required? The number of conference rooms the coworking space can accommodate.
  • The cafeteria serves as a networking place in the office. Especially in places like Bangalore where there are a lot of entrepreneurs, startups etc. one common place they meet is the cafeteria. Again the area of the cafeteria, the number of people it can accommodate, electrical and plumbing fittings for the area, vending machines for coffee/tea.

Once the floor design is ready with the area for each section, the décor, furniture, and other amenities planning comes into the picture.

The market is flooded with a wide range of choices available for furnishing the office. Based on the need for comfort, style, and economy, conclude the ones for your office.

Renovation budget

This is a crucial part of renovation as this decides how much can be allocated for décor, furniture, fittings to name a few.

The duration that can be allocated for renovation

The time duration plays an important role as it costs rent to the owners.

Quote from shortlisted interior designers to hire

Taking initial quotes from the interior designers and looking into their work samples would aid in making an informed decision.

Answers to the questions in all the categories will give enough information to start the work with. The basic details aid in helping the renovation listicle.

Keeping up with a trend is the need of the hour today So, renovation is part of the image building process to impress the people. The renovated area can also build the brand for the workspace. During these COVID-19 times, it has become essential to follow the preventive measures to keep the community safe in office for rent to attract people. The need here could be:

  • Sufficient spacing between two seats.
  • Regular sanitization of the furnished office space.
  • Sanitizers, masks, and hand wash in the area for the people to use.
  • All the other COVID-19 rules for the coworking space

The above changes incorporated with a renovation will encourage the people to use coworking space. As people observe the space following rules, they will entrust their confidence for the coworking space.

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